Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This is What Inspires Me ~or~ Fabric That I Love!!!

A lot of my work is nature-themed and inspired by the outdoors. But more often than not, I find my creativity kindled by the fabric itself. One of my favorite things to do is browse through thrift store fabric piles and see what goodies I can dig up. I go crazy over old lady pillowcases, psychedelic tablecloths, vintage curtains, and funky yardage. The more retro the better! I can't wait to bring home my finds and make a cool bag after I've been out shopping.

Today I decided to feature some of my favorite fabrics that I've got on hand. Here's my ode to the retro, the funky, and the vintage, the unusual, and the orange (I've really been feeling the orange lately):

I got this sweet acorn fabric from a friend who got it from an older lady. I haven't used it in any projects yet, I am just waiting for the perfect complimentary fabric to match it.
I used this brocade to make a needle case for my crochet and knitting needles. It's really heavy and solid and feels so good in my hands! (aaaand it's rainbow-colored!)I think this fabric is beautiful. But it's a stretchy polyester and I find it really hard to work with. Not my favorite weave. Too slippery to sew. But I couldn't resist buying it any way when I found it at the thrift store! I think it will eventually become a nice dress or skirt when I get the guts to tackle it.

This stuff was really cool- two small curtains in some type of linen-like fabric. It's already all gone, but it lingers in my memory...I made a little shift dress from this gray knit:

This velvety feather fabric came from a garage sale. It feels so good and it's so unusual! I paired it with a deep burgundy fabric for one bag and it turned out beautiful!
This paisley canvas has been a lot of fun. Here's a cool old pillowcase!Psychedelic paisley is my favorite......My absolute favorite.
And trippy rainbows come in a close second!Those are my goodies!! ...writing that post made me want to go hit up some thrift stores...

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Dee said...

cool fabric choices. I think the first one and the linen would both go greath with a denim..great finds!