Friday, July 31, 2009

All Things River

So, sewing is my moonlight job. My 'real' job is working as a river guide on the beautiful and powerful Colorado River that flows right through the middle of Grand Canyon! It's wonderful, and whenever I am down there I feel so privileged to get to be one of the few that have the opportunity get to know that wild place so intimately.

In honor of rivers, great and small, Colorado or otherwise, I have put together a collection of river-themed items. All of the items featured here have something to do with a river or have a river feel to them. Either way, they appealed to me, and I thought they deserved to be shared!

This Pebble Ring from Lymric really is awesome! I love the rough and natural appearance, yet it still looks delicate on your hand. And the bezel surrounding the river stone is truly unique. Gorgeous.

Majkatree's Grass River Market Tote makes me feel like I am sitting right on the bank of a cool river, looking through the grass while dipping my toes in the water. Is there a better place to be? And what better way to add a little individuality to your shopping bag?

This looks like something a river nymph would wear! I love applique, of course, and the color of this Misty River Halter Top reminds me of the color of the Colorado River- red and muddy. Beautiful. The asymmetrical hemline of this top also looks really sexy. Beautifulchaos has a lot of items that I would love wearing. I really admire her work.

This Mountain Stream collage really caught my eye. Shellieartist's technique of fabric on wood allows us to appreciate the colors and textures of fabric in a different way other than the clothing and bags that we are used to seeing that media employed in. I love the fanciful settings she creates. I loved browsing through her shop and each little work of art made me smile.

I love rainbows. I love anything that has rainbow colors. I love this necklace! EarthGrrrlCrafts describes this Rainbow River necklace as outstanding, fabulous, and focal. It is. The accents of the larger beads scattered throughout the seed beads helps give it some weight and substance. I think it is classy without being childish, and playful enough to not be too classy. Know what I mean? I even just love looking at it.

Sometimes the simple beauty of the river stones lying along the banks get upstaged by the soaring canyon walls and the rushing river. These Hanging Riverside earrings by RunakoDesigns bring these little stones front and center. Their natural, simple beauty let you appreciate the little things. I bet their cool, delicate weight feels great brushing against your cheek.

Here's another great landscape: this Purple Mountains Majesty Mosaic Belt Buckle from Peicesofmemosaic. This little river runs under a sunset. See the little bird up there in the corner? I bet he's happy to be soaring over such a peaceful setting. I would be :)

A big hand to all the above artists!! Wonderful work. Thanks for bringing a little bit of the river to our everyday lives!


Dee said...

What a wonderful surprise, thank you so much for featuring my earrings! I've visited your Etsy shop and you make some beautiful items. I'm following you now...thanks again.


Dirt. said...

wonderful selections... love the river theme!

thanks to dee (above), for introducing me to this lovely blog! i'm following now too!

Felt on the Fly said...

What a great start for your new blog! This was a terrific post, and I loved your tutorial in a previous post as well. Dee, Dirt and I are all members of Unique Women in Business, just in case you're wondering how we all found you!

I'm looking forward to your future posts.

Suzanne in TX said...

Hi Rachel! I'm also a member of Unique Women in Business and am loving your new blog. Your photography is excellent. Keep up the great work.

earthexpressions said...

Great findings Rachel! :)
Thanks for supporting handmade and featuring the work of Dee... Go UWIB!!
Your work is beautiful.

Suzy357 said...

Great river theme! I also eny your job as a river guide! and what a wonderful place to be located!