Tuesday, July 21, 2009


One of my favorite things to do is take something old and turn it into something new to be used again (I got it from my grandma). That's why I love reconstructed clothing and bags! Here are some of my favorites from Etsy. Unique, well-crafted, with sustainability in mind, these are fashion forward and individualistic pieces that just go to show that new isn't always better.

DynagirlVintage features skirts made from t-shirts. They all have really cool pockets and great fabric combinations (think Spiderman and calico!). This one, with the pirates, is awesome. Pirates. Need I say more?

SecretLentil makes beautiful layered and flowy tunics and skirts. It was hard to choose which one to feature. This one makes me want to run around in the woods wearing it on a rainy day...

These gorgeously crafted shirts and sweaters from Sewmoe look sooo comfortable! I want them all to wear all the time. I could live in thin jersey material, which is what many of her great shirts and dresses are made from. And who doesn't love an old concert tee?

My personal propensity being applique and combining multiple fabrics to create layered pictures, caused this tank by Eyesnwhiskers to catch my eye. She's got several butterfly patterns that are super cute.
The combination of fabric patterns, colors and textures in this Cancer Zodiac Dress dress by Cutiepieboutique is fantastic!! My favorite part is the chicken ribbon above the skirt! Too bad I'm an Aries. My husband, however....
I can't believe how cute this dress is! It even comes with a little brooch of vintage buttons you can put anywhere. Nice one, JazzBoogie!

And one for the guys! Another applique favorite of mine, I love the organic shape and clean lines of this vest by Ungabungatribalwear. It's formal and funky.

Don't get lost in the rows and rows of equally identical clothing! Consider something completely different that will set you apart and leave a little less waste in the world.

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